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Experience, with a passion for learning!

A long-time resident of Guelph, since I came here to attend the U of G, I have a deep passion for community and especially for the educational community of the Upper Grand District School Board. My husband and I have 2 boys who are proud to attend wonderful schools in the UGDSB. It is their zest for life and thirst for knowledge that keeps me focused on working towards the goal of an education system that is strong, equitable, and inclusive of all the diverse needs of our students. As a proud Registered Veterinary Technician (not currently in practice), I have long known the value of education and life-long learning as it is deeply embedded in the culture of our profession and in how we govern ourselves.  It is this dedication to continual improvement and the parallels between that and the education world, along with my vast experience volunteering both at our children's schools as well as on UGDSB system-level committees and in our community, that made the role of trustee a perfect fit for me.

The past 8 years as the trustee representative for Wards 1 and 5 in the City of Guelph have been among the best in my life.  The work is challenging, exciting, and very rewarding.  In addition to my school visits, weekly Board meetings, and constituent work, I have been a member of numerous committees that are detailed on my About Me page and they have provided me with an incredible amount of experience in a wide variety of areas.  Working and learning alongside my fellow trustees, our director, senior administration, staff, and students, I have had so many opportunities to make a difference in our education system and in the lives of our students and I am truly grateful for the honour of doing that work.

It has been a privilege to serve the constituents of Wards 1 and 5, and everyone in our Upper Grand education community, and I thank you for your support and the trust you put in me. I am looking forward to another 4 years as your representative at the Board table!

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